Dear… somebody who wants a site

Dear… somebody who wants a site

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I found this little gem today and want to explain why is not possible to properly “submit the best bid” for anything like this.

The question you ask is complex. 

Let me give you an example how complex it is: You cannot go and won’t go to a car shop and say “we want a car” and expect the car sales man to be able to point: HERE this is the car you will buy, this is how much will cost. You will have to answer a few questions before, like what type of car you want SUV, VAN, Sedan, sports car. Than if you have any brand preference, if you have any color preference, what extras do you need… Only after this you will be able to get a so and so answer to ¨how much does it cost¨.

Same as cars, websites come in many shapes and sizes, can do more or less things for you. So first if you want somebody PROFESSIONAL to consider bidding to your job, you first need to have a clearly formulated requirements.  You need to KNOW what you want and than you can ask professionals to give you their best quote about how to offering you the best solution. 

Even if you think that “we want a website created on godaddy platform” actually means anything you are wrong. There are many ways and types of sites that can be put on their platform. Do you want a quick website, built with their website builder? Do you want a wordpress website, because you know, godaddy platfrom can mean you only have a hosting account with them. But there are also plenty of other solutions that could work for you:prestashop, magento or just a simple html site???

If you don’t exactly know what you want, I suggest you to start researching a bit, find a list of 5-6 websites and tell the people who you want to hire, that LOOK these are the functionalities that I want. When people ask for your preferences, they don’t do it so they can copy a site or another. They try to figure out what are you after.   It’s enough if you can write down with your own words what you wish for.

I want a shop, want to be able to add the products myself, want to be easy to manage/want to have thousands of products/ I want to see one product/ I just want to have a site where people can read more about my work. You see it’s not that difficult. If you really want somebody professional to write back to you and consider working with you, you will need to provide these details.

Just saying. But anyway good luck to you and hopefully some magician or mind reader will bid for your job and be able to instantly do the perfect site for  you.