“Please note we will not pay money into safe pay”
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“Please note we will not pay money into safe pay”

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The subtitle of this post would be “how to find 24 idiots”.  Just write any job description on a freelancing site, add there that you are not willing to do any escrow, any safepay or whatever is the name of the “safe” version of working and wait until 24 people apply. Or more. Because if you top up the amount you are “willing” to pay, there will be more idiots jumping on the hook. I think this is how fishes work. 

And sorry to tell… but sometimes I have the feelign that there is a big % of freelancers who are simply just TO STUPID to realize that safepay for a brand new client, who just signed up for the site, has zero review has sero payment record, is actually a must. And these people are the ones who later will complain how easy is to be scammed online. Of course it is, if you are way to stupid to play by the basic safety rules. Like only accept “no safepay” jobs from clients who have already a proven record of being good clients trough many reviews and no unpaid invoices. 

Anyway… why would anybody accept to work for 2-3 weeks most likely for free is simply beyond me.