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Dear Client…

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A letter of a webmaster to the clients who forgets to pay on time…


Dear Client

I know you are very busy making awful many things for your business and trying to make ends meet. I also think that you probably consider the website as a silly stuff that you need, and maybe you don’t even know why.  But you see, I have one pet pewee, one thing that I cannot stand: it’s not being paid ON TIME. The delayed payments makes me anxious and angry. It causes me all sort of problems as well.  And I start looking to find other jobs. I will get overwhelmed. I won’t have enough time to work for all the new projects and yours at the same time.

So you see, because of the delayed payment, the quality of my work will have to suffer. I am going to be tired and make mistakes. And I don’t like to be tired. I don’t like to make mistakes, and I also don’t like to be anxious and angry.  So I will end up FIRING some clients.  And once a client is fired, means I will NEVER work for him/her again. Anyway, won’t keep you any more.  You can decide if you want to be my client for the future. It’s really simple, If we had the deal, keep your end, and I do my best to keep mine.  Please don’t make me fire you. I think we have a nice and bright future together, if you can loose this bad habit and send the money out in time. Or notify fair and square when to expect the payment. Especially if I had to ask about it 2 times already.

With regards
your soon to be former webmaster