Finish and complete work on a wordpress website.

where the job poster is a smart-ass… without even being one. These are the type of jobs where I either write an application explaining why he has it wrong… or better yet, just move on.

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Here is the job “description”.


The site is already done… whohoooo … But without actually seeing the site the “done” can mean ANYTHING. Excuse me dear smart ass… but I have seen many sites that are “done” and the remaining “just the few” adjustment and modifications were more than the “doing” of the site itself. So before you are snarky with your remarks, better send that fucking url of yours for review and explain in detail what the fuck you need…

When I see job posts like this, my first instinct is to write them with the exactly same language as I wrote in the previous paragraph… with fuck you and you idiot… Because if the site was badly made the fixing can be terrible project. So excuse me, but if I would bid a job like this, I would only do it carefully, without jumping into the project before I know exactly what I have to do.