Working on excisting website

The person pretends to be from UK… yet he wants work on “excisting” website. There is more 😀

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If a company who pretends to be from the UK, writes up a job request like this, I am pretty sure that they are either shady, don’t give a fuck or not from the UK… He wants “someone who is really experience in php”!!! you see what he did there???

What strikes me with this type of job posts is that he doesn’t want people to waste his time, but yet, doesn’t give any detail to the potential workers who would know if they are capable to do the job…  So either you go and bid it, waste a bid, waste the time to write up your bid… just to find out that what he wants is either not paid well enough/ it is stupid or not worth it… or you just don’t have enough time to do it…

I personally find this type of jobs disrespectful and full of shit… and avoid to bid on them.